The quickest fastest way to shred your Pork Butts and other meats that you
need to shred. You can shred 10 lbs of pork in less than 20 seconds, which will save
you about 15 minutes. No more waiting for the meat to cool down or hassling with hand shedders.
All you do is remove all the bones, put the meat into a STAINLESS STEEL POT and put the Porkinator in
the end of a standard drill put the drill in reverse and pull the trigger and push it into the meat
until you get the desired consistency and you are done, no more messy hands to deal with.
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This is a must have for anyone who does pulled pork!
The Porkinator is made in the USA from Stainless Steel with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and life time warranty if anything breaks on your Porkinator just return it to us and we will replace it.
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You don't need to spend $50 - $70 on a drill shredding tool or $6,800 on a commercial shredder you get the same result for a fraction of the price.
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Reviews & Testimonials
"The Porkinator" allows me to easily shred 40 lbs of pulled pork in less than 2 minutes allowing me more time to prepare for catering events. No more mess or waiting for the meat to cool, the porkinator does all the work quickly. Highly recommended for all BBQ fans, great product.

I tried it on some chicken breasts and it worked better than I thought it would, just a little harder item to process. On the pulled pork it works very well! The 12 Lb butts that take me 20 min each by hand only took about 20 seconds! I delivered 8 twelve pound butts and pulled them on site, took my own sweet time and was paid and on the road in 30 minutes! Awesome tool! Well worth the $!
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